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The whitenights values are close to my heart. I started whitenights to make, what I couldn’t find any other place: Nightwear, with a beautiful fit that flatters the female curves that would make you want to show off. Nightwear to make you relax and to let you be you.
Nightwear, suited to conquer the Scandinavian nights.
The style is simple, because I believe your body deserves center stage. And to ensure you a good night’s sleep, our nightwear is always manufactured from natural fibers, mainly produced in an organic or sustainable manner, in a safe and decent working environment.
Liva Weel pyjamas

Take Good Care of the Clothes

I have done my best to make nightwear, made as much under consideration to both environment and the people who makes it, as to you, who will buy it and wear it.
Now the nightwear is yours – now it’s your turn.
To ensure the longevity of your nightwear, use a mild, sustainable detergent. Never wash your garments warmer than 40 degrees Celsius, but rather colder, and avoid the use of a tumble dryer. All of which not only is good for your clothes, but also for the environment. The use of a washing bag protects your clothes against tear from buttons, zippers and clasps during the wash. And when you wash your garments with similar colors you preserve the colors of the clothes for a longer time.
When your nightwear is no longer new, but worn out and in a need of a replacement, please hand the garment down. If the garments are to worn out to use any more, the fibers can be re-used and resources can be spared.
Simple, well fitted and with a clear conscious. Your nights are precious to me, let them be as magic as mine. Welcome to whitenights.