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Ethical nightwear

whitenights is a sustainable, eco-friendly, slow-fashion bite of the Scandinavian summer night. Every fabric is chosen under consideration of the environment, and the nightwear is carefully sewn in Europe under fair working conditions.
The nightwear you will find on these pages are not cheap. Instead, you will find nightwear, that is carefully crafted under consideration of your well-being as well as the well-being of the persons who made it.
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Bodil Nightdress in Sustainable Micromodal
When buying whitenights nightwear, you will not contribute to the ever-growing, fast-forward consumption of clothes. Instead, you will invest in nights of sleep and love. Your nights, as well as the nights of the seamstress, the weaver, the guys who tend the spinning and the knitting machines, the cotton farmers and the tree cutters.
This way, everybody sleeps well at night.

For you

whitenights are the short Scandinavian summer nights, filled with light, laughter and easy living. The scent of jasmine and wild roses, blackbirds are singing. The sun rises while the last rays of sunset is still lingering in the sky.
whitenights is nightwear made from delicate fabrics, that are carefully chosen for their beautiful texture and ability to let your skin breathe through nights of sound sleep. The fabrics are then cut and sewn in to garments, designed to flatter every part of your body.
whitenights is a small collection of effortless styles, that match each other in multiple ways. This way, you can find the mix, that fits your personal night-style. For you to be yourself when the lights are dimmed, and love is laying right beside you.
whitenights is nightwear for sleep. For love. For you.
white nights nightgown
“I love being a woman. And sometimes I love just being myself”
– Susanne Brøgger